So, You Want Custom Ring Tones On Your Windows Phone 7 Device?

One of the few complaints I had with my Windows Phone 7 devices (I have a Samsung Focus, an LG Optimus 7, and an HTC 7 Surround) was that I was unable to use my custom Hockey Night in Canada theme song as a custom ring tone. No longer a problem. Smile

Thanks to this tutorial I now have my favourite ringtone working, at least on the Focus (I haven’t bothered with the others yet as I’m currently not using the LG and my wife is using the Surround).

A couple of notes here:

  1. I had to perform a soft reset of the device after installing the certificate, otherwise the unlocking app would complain that it couldn’t connect to my device.
  2. I used the dbPowerAmp Music Converter along with the WMA Codec for it.
  3. After installing the custom ringtone app and installing my custom ringtone, I relocked my device and removed the custom ringtone app and my custom ringtone still works!

I’m once again a happy camper!

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